The New Crystal Folk Club

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The Crystal Folk

Crystal Folk Club is the plerce

Put a smile on many a ferce

weem all mates as goo up theer

We have a lof an drink sum beer

Club is run by my mate Den

This a pun cuzz hees a Gem

With elp from Roger an the crew

The sumetimes struggle to pull it through

Den starts the show of with a sung

Next is Graham sum times lung

Sumtimes followed by Mark or Sue

or maybe Alan Jon or Loo

Story Teller my mate Ron

Telin’ terls of time lung gone

Brian tels yer a funny tale

Smutty jokes frum Paul wool mek yo squale

Tony Portlock plays guitar

He really is a local star

Next the uke boys with Paul & Vic

They don’t arf gee it sum stick

The theers Rob plays the fiddle

Mr Woodall sings sungs of Aldi Lidl

New cumers cum ann go

Sum up ther I doe no

All that cum doe play or sing

Thats ok cuzz this is the thing

Wot matters is that yo cum

Support the raffle and have sum fun

by Paul Edward Devall

(The Dudley Dodgee)

The New Crystal Folk Club

A club for players and singers of all types of music, poets and story tellers and those who want to come and listen.

The latter being just as important as the performers.

Every Friday at 8.00pm at Hill & Cakemore Liberal Club
Halesowen B62 9JG 

Most Fridays are performers nights but some times we have a guest. 

We like to start on time in order that we can give every one who comes a chance to perform.

On performers nights the number of songs you get to do will depend on how many performers we have attending.

New performers are very welcome

On guest evenings there are invited floor spots only. These are chosen from regular attenders of the club.

There is a bar with drinks very reasonably priced. Please note the bar shuts promptly at 11pm

Admission is free except when we have guests. We have a raffle to support the running of the club.

We look forward to meeting you at our friendly club.

The evening is hosted by Dennis Gem

Please visit us on our facebook page for all the latest news and club information

The New Crystal Folk Club started in August 2015 and The Liberal club have been very welcoming and supportive

Circumstances such as Corona Virus prompted out move to new venue Hill & Cakemore Liberal Club on 3.9.2021